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Realism buff...no really, hear me out...

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I've gathered that I might be one of the 7 (exaggeration...?) straight men on this forum so maybe my tastes aren't in line with everyone elses'.  Fair.  I'm big into trying to craft as realistic a game as possible, while also enjoying some artistic liberties (it's my story I DO WHAT I WAAAAAAAANT!).  So I want a super godly, but realistic body for my PC hero.  I'm really liking the realism of this skin, and I have basically settled on the HIMBO body because, *sigh* compatible and bodyslides (need the latter for autobody so I can make sure there's a nice distribution of skinny>muscular>fatty dudes running around).

Am I missing something? Is there a way to evenly distribute a range of SAM bodies around Skyrim, and a fuckin' decent skin to use with SAM?  It's such a superior body type it kills me to use a lesser cousin...

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My SAM Morphs for RaceMenu mod includes an optional bodygen preset that applies Samson/Samuel morphs to all male NPCs in the game (over 2k records) based on class archetypes used by the original SAM mod.  SAM refits are required to see the morphs in-game.  I don't use it personally, but Autobody seems to support the bodygen format used by RaceMenu if you don't want RaceMenu to handle it.

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