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Download — SavrenX SAM BILF Bodyslide

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SavrenX SAM BILF Bodyslide

First of all, this file is not intended for general users who don't understand what bodyslides are, what studio outfits are and so on. If you don't understand it's better to wait for the refitters to give the results. I also can't guide newbies because the language just gets in the way. Plus I don't have the patience of a mentor. Hahaha.

It's been a long time since I wanted to make a super sexy male body for SAM but didn't have the time (especially since the world was hit by Covid and the whole economy was falling apart). Unexpectedly today can release it with much better results than all my screenshots.

First I want to thank the Patrons who have supported me since I intended to complete this bodyslide. Slowly but surely along with the completion of many life problems. Ha ha ha. There is no denying that the difficult conditions of the world forced me to work too hard and have no time. The desire to complete the project is always there but the power of concentration has run out due to fatigue. Because of the support of the patrons, sometimes at the beginning of the month I can sit for a full week completing many mods. Once again, thank you.

Besides that, I also personally thank Bro Kouleifoh because all this time he has been like a mentor and has supported many community wishes. Not to mention the assets provided to the community. Thanks bro.

So, what's the difference between this bodyslide and Samson or Samuel ? Since the beginning, SAM has focused more on Bara Style's muscle form and is very bulky. It's impossible for you to make a body shape like a sports magazine star model or a Gym Star with a samson / samuel morph. There is no clear biceps or triceps shape, and no definition of muscle shape. With the SAM Warrior Slide bodyslide, now you can have a body shape like the one in my gallery image. It's been a long time since the community has sent PMs asking why my SAM body shape is different from the others. Yes this file is the answer.


I also tweaked a few things from the default SAM and from the bro Kou version because it had to be done considering these body shapes are completely different. Apart from that, as a refitter, I also gave important tweaks so that the refitter will be able to use this file easily in the future.

- GROIN Tweak :
Sometimes in refitting the SAM I get a little annoyed with the groin shape because it is difficult to follow and brushing bone weight in this area can never be easy. Now, with this tweak, it's easier for me to refit my underwear or thong. Copy bones weight is getting easier and the area is clear. Check the image below. From this picture, the refitters will know that a tweak like this is really needed.



- HDT power reduction
With a more defined shape, the default HDT makes the meshes seem separate from other meshes and on the buttocks, like sagging (can't be sexy tight). With reduced HDT strength and smoother weight distribution, HDT now moves much more naturally and in rhythm with the new body shape. Bouncy is still a bouncy but not Jelly. The movement feels SEAMLESS.

The refitters also know that strong HDT weight sometimes makes the shape of the underwear messy. With this, it is hoped that the refitters will not be so dizzy after seeing the results of the refit.

- Minor tweaks for sharp and too angular Poly.
Polygons remain polygons. Sometimes there are parts that are a bit too angular or sharp. I've tried to check all the important parts during the formation of this body. I hope there are no more major cases. You can see the example on groin tweak too.

How is the difference before and after using bodyslide ? far. I took lots of pictures over the years and saw lots of videos for reference.

Eh, this is an expensive project, you know, because the tissue has been expensive for years. Hahaha. Check the image below as a simple sample.







- A sexier and smaller waist.
- A more sexy, fuller and adorable ass like asking to be patted.
- Stronger biceps and triceps shape.
- Stronger shoulders.
- More muscular thighs.
- A clearer distance between the right and left thighs in the groin.
- Chest muscles are denser and fuller.
- More prominent back muscles.
- Etc.

I have experimented with this body for years to be flexible with all normal maps, either the default from SAM or custom. At least it can blend with very acceptable results.

Because the refit of the existing clothes is not yet available, I suggest using a custom race or if you use it as the default body, you can only see this body when you are naked. Vanilla clothes always have a body replacer, so your default body will be automatically replaced. Making muscles like this is not easy either because it has to be in harmony with body movements including several poses for screenshots. I changed this body many times until I found a really good formula between gameplay, screenshots, and refits.

If you use the SOS Patch either from me or the continuation version, make sure to tick the sos patch before generating the bodyslide.

This bodyslide can be used for refit but I will update it later for a twink / femboy shape as an extra morph shape. So we can make Warrior, and Twink/Femboy with this bodyslide. I'm working on another form and I'll update it.

You can combine SAM Warrior shape with SAMSON / SAMUEL too for Extra muscle. See this example :


- SAM Warrior 100 Percent Weight


- SAM Warrior 100 Percent + SAMSON 50


Hahaha I know you want lick that chest XD XD

I give freedom to the SAM community at Vectorplexis to use this bodyslide as a refit project or anything related to SAM, but hope you upload the results only on Vectorplexis.com as usual. If you see someone trying to upload this file or the results of our friends' refit on other websites such as Nexus, please report it.

Please enjoy the mod.



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