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Download — Khajiit Overhaul SAM Patch - Humanoid Feet

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Khajiit Overhaul SAM Patch - Humanoid Feet

This is an edit of Khajiit Overhaul - SAM Patch by Hedy,  this time made for humanoid feet. Credit to them for the base. I improved the textures and normal maps, made them 4K, changed the schlong textures and made it compatible with other mods I use. I highly recommend also installing Beast Feet by LustyBeast and Sandow PP Ripped Bodies SAM by kunolandalin with my patches. (I'm still not an expert on editing textures and stuff so feel free to improve upon this further if you can).

This was made for Special Edition, not sure if it'll work with LE.


Khajiit Overhaul SSE (Regular version)

SAM Light


Sandow PP Ripped Bodies SAM (If you're gonna use this mod I recommend downloading the  PP Ripped Bodies Compatability patch in the downloads section as well as the 4K or 2K version, make sure to override the original)

Beast Feet (To match the black fingernails)

Schlong of SAM

SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

Beast Race Bodypaints and Flawn's Argonian Overlays (Overlays for beast races, seen in screenshots)

Flawn's Argonians (make sure to download the SAM patch in the files section, if you also use beast feet download the beast feet patch in the download section here)


Only download one of the following:

1) 4K version

2) 2K version

3) Ripped Version (Abs by default). This one is for those that don't want to use Sandow PP Ripped Bodies but still want their khajiit to have rock-hard abs regardless of weight level. This is 4K by default.

Optional Files:

1) PP Ripped Bodies Compatibility - this is to use with  Sandow PP Ripped Bodies so your khajiit will have different normal maps (abs and muscle definition) depending on the weight slider.

2) Flawn's Argonians Beast Feet Patch - for those who use Flawn's Argonians (highly recommended, especially if you use PP ripped bodies) and Beast Feet. This patch fixes the male argonian's toenails to match their fingernails. Let it override Flawn's Argonians. Also make sure to download the SAM patch in their files section.


The idle animations from the screenshots are from Vanargand Animations by Verolevi on Nexus.

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