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Here's how the registration will go:

You must first register as you would on any forum/site. Upon registration, your user will be locked and limited to the Public forums only
You must then send an e-mail to [email protected] with the following information:

- Make sure to use the word REGISTER on the mail subject
- Forum Username
- Steam Profile (try to give me your profile URL, giving me the name only, I may not be able to find you or may find multiple results)

The reason why I'm asking a steam profile, is merely for control issues (sometimes I won't even bother at looking at them), this information will be kept private by me and only available to me, thats also why I'm keeping the registration proccess entirely under my control, no one else will be doing it. You can ofc just tell it to me directly in case you are on my Steam's Friend list =P


The previous policy is no longer in practice however, I'm still going to ask for people, IF they want, for a Steam profile:


- The Steam Profile field is entirely optional, you don't have to fill it in

- The Steam Profile is exclusively visible to you and for the site staff (Admins and Moderators, people who I trust ofc). Other members won't be able to see it.

- When registering a new user, you will have a field where you can specify it, but again its entirely optional...


Now, listen to me... There are/were 2 different reasons why I'm asking the steam profile: 

- One of which I actually came to the conclusion that while I was trying to achieve something, I would have had maybe, a counter effect instead.

- Second reason, I'm not going to explain exactly what is either, but I'm actually trying to make a good thing for some people that I know that use my mods. I'm unsure when will this happen, but when it does, I will announce it, and the only eligible people for this will be those who up to that moment have specified a Steam profile


For Patrons:

Same thing as before, just let me know on Patreon the user you registered so I can give you Patron status.

You still need to register to be able to have access to galleries, downloads and other features =P

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Author of the topic Posted
5 hours ago, 88dominic88 said:

I've created an account yesterday evening, and saw no field for where I can enter my steam account name. I thought it would be somewhere in my account settings, but I can't find it there either... Is it something I am missing?

Thanks for the heads up, for some reason, the field was disabled (I suspect it may have been due to some upgrade), but I already enabled it again.

Also, the Steam profile is not in anyway neccessary, its optional, and it only will entitle people to get eligible for being on the games raffle that I will throw every now and then (usually it will be every 6 months, during Steam sales). Once registered, you will not have access to edit that information, in order to avoid people from exploiting it, as someone could just create a new/fake profile.

If you do want to be able to have a steam profile associated to your user, just send me a PM with your profile's URL, and I'll just add it manually =)

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