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  1. I hope someone converts them to LE then someday, I have too many precious mods and setups to switch to SSE 😂
  2. checked it out right now, sadly it looks like it's only for SE 😕
  3. what is this armor called in game? i searched for countess but nothing comes up
  4. Gross! But also thank you, I've been waiting for a fix like this!
  5. Any chance you'll make the codpiece size less gratuitous? still love that you did this! Thank you ?
  6. Like Kyoshi's page says do we have to install v.1.1 and not the latest version? ?
  7. Do we need to keep the hand patch for the glitch some of us have or does your mod fix that too?
  8. Loved it! I haven't played with Ifrita yet but Ifrit is a charming lad and I definitely wasn't what I thought I was when I slipped him out of his daedric armor... The only problem I did have happen was that when I took off his boots and gloves he totally ditched his tail! Leaving it floating in the wilderness, then he phased out after that. I do hope he becomes a follower soon, I'd like to get to know him better.
  9. This worked perfectly for me! Thank you kindly
  10. I'm trying to make this mod work with the chest pieces but when I do I get this I know I have to set the skimpy armor file as the directory but when I do all it does is this to no avail Sorry if this is a newbie question! How can I fix this?
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