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  1. I'm confused what you mean by "overwrite", so I posted the steps I did below. I got all your other mods to work but this one. I installed the mod first, then opened it in file explorer and copy pasted the contents of your file over to the original replacing the .esp as well, and then I activated the mod. The problem is that every single time the armor pieces themselves do not appear in game. Cannot find them with help in console. Did I do the steps properly or did you mean something else when you said "overwrite"? Do you use SAM morphs and change the thighs or anything? I know that I had an issue with my feet clipping through the floor when I used that feature, and perhaps that could be causing clipping with with this as well. Nevermind I figured it out. I just had to search "SAM" and it showed up. It was also abbreviated to DEB. I had the installation correct all along. Installed the original mod and activated it, then opened the installed mod file by right clicking on it in MO2, created a new file and put all the files into said new folder, and overwrote the files using Savrenx's mod file by dragging and dropping them in. Then I zipped up the folder and installed it and activated it under the original mod in the load order. This is what I did for the Winter Guardian armor mod too and it worked.
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