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  1. 😍Woah this is another level based!!! Thank you so much for explaining the steps thoroughly with all the details! I followed your guide and successfully removed the remaining few pieces of fabric on Sage's Kibelius lb. I was dumb enough to extract the already modded file and was so confused when I opened the 3dconverter to check the model to see that the upper body is a thong lol. I am a complete noob at 3d modeling program but now I am able to make some changes to outfits that is covering too much all thanks to you! While it doesn't sound very complicated but there are quite a lot of repetitive steps with all those pac/dae files. Thank you for making so many revealing ones and especially this beautiful tutorial! 🥰
  2. Hi Sit, thank you for making this awesome and gorgeous mod! Love all the masculine hunk bodies! But personally I am not fond of the muscular textures for musa and striker as they look very unnatural and too prominent to me. I tried deleting the texture folder as you mentioned in previous post, the body matches the vanilla tone and that's much more appealing, but the pp becomes uncolored. I also tried replacing the textures with sage/hasha/wizard ones which I like but then the body tone would be unmatched with the head. It'd be great if you can add some vanilla or subtle tone textures for these classes as well~! Also is it possible to have a go through tutorial on how to modify an in-game outfit to these bodies? Feels like I am asking too much XD... Nonetheless, thank you again for your effort on making BDO much more playable.
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