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  1. Will this work for SAM Light SSE?
  2. avrovski

    The Beast

    Oh, I also have your head sculpt preset and it looks great. But how do you fix the horn/hair placement? it looks kinda stuck in default head shape instead of following your head preset texture.
  3. avrovski

    The Beast

    Aww unfortunate, thanks for the info tho.
  4. avrovski

    The Beast

    Hello, just tried your custom overlay for the body. Have you tried this overlay in a foggy place (For example Understone keep)? I put black as the color, but when i go into some foggy place, the overlay color turned into something like matte color (Glowing black) and doesnt blend with the body. Any idea how to fix this? its not from your overlay, i tried it with some tattoo overlay from nexus and it does the same thing.
  5. How do you fix the Neck Seam, is Atomic Muscle not compatible with High Poly Face & Head?
  6. avrovski


    where do you get the armor from?
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