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  1. Usually, for the dick to be seen with the armors, when it’s refitted the “ref” schlong needs to be present. So it was prob deleted when it was fitted
  2. Hey, Guys, i had a question. I'm using this Kaidan replacer https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/69226?tab=posts&BH=0 , My personal fav. but, The Nude patch id using a unique Schlong/SOS. While, I already got the body working with the Texture, I was wondering it it was Possible to kinda use the schlong he was given. (i kinda like it shape and size is fitting for him) I know this is a mod that kinda makes SOS and Sam work together but I never could get it to work properly, and I kinda just want This Kaidan to have his schlong anyways. Any pointers? I can try and get some screen shots if it helps.
  3. Hello! I just got back into Skyrim modding just recently, and I found this and wanted to refit some cool armors. I was able to follow most of the info to a T without much problem. However, the problem I did run into seems to be a big one: the Nif file. I can’t seem to find the correct one that I use in game...I searched but A little sunny is there any chance you could tell me where that it would possibly be it?
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