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  1. I assume most are screenarchers so I am wondering opinions on what is thought the best set up for the characters.
  2. Great mod. Any chance for a muscle solution based on weight kind've like this mod?
  3. Probably an obvious question, but this doesn't work with the bochu race does it?
  4. For some reason this mod doesn't work for me. Switching between the sliders doesn't change anything. I have all the required mods too. I also tried using the sam self spell, still didn't work
  5. Where is the hair from? In the screenshots
  6. https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/22048-cbpc-anal-collision/ Was wondering if any talented modder could somehow make it work with Sam light body.
  7. You should probably just take female head presets you like that arent high poly and load them onto the bochu race in racemenu. It's what I do. Just make you sure draw the mask add around the neck so theres no seams
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