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Zee Scarecrow

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  1. Heya Fykes! I absolutely adore your screenshots and are astonished at your work! How on earth did you set everything up? Godspeed! <3


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    2. Zee Scarecrow

      Zee Scarecrow

      Noted! Sounds like you'd really have to snatch those moments up when they arise! I used to love taking action shots and poses way back with Halo's Theatre mode, and now that I'm back in the thick of modding hell I might have to resurrect my eye for detail and start up again! 

      But I digress, and absolutely must implore you to share what Body/Character mods you're running, as they are superb! 

      Cheers Fye! 


    3. Fykes


      its a twink race form arca tullius, kinda similar with bochu, but im afraid i cant give the HPH patch of it because i dont have a permission, but you could wait for a bit, someone will release a better version, pretty soon i hope¬†ūüėĀ


    4. Zee Scarecrow

      Zee Scarecrow

      Wowee, it's like looking for a needle in Pandora's box over in Arca Tullius!

      I reckon I found the Race you mentioned, Lafayette I think it's called and managed to find some DL links but they didn't work in game for me unfortunately. I think it was simply because my Modlist is set up for Skyrim AE 1.6.640 aha.

      Given from what I could interpret though my translator, the Lafayette mod will probably only ever be for Skyrim SE 1.5.97 due to the backlash and current Modding climate which is a shame, though I might be wrong.  

      I suppose I'll have to live vicariously through you and your creations Fye!

      Thank you for indulging my curiosity and taking the time to converse with me, I really appreciate it!


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