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  1. Well if it was just a seam it wouldn't be that big of a deal but it just stops the sliders from working at all But it's no worries I will wait for the update
  2. Hello, I cant seem to get the BILF patch to work with the racemenu texture sliders. Whenever I have that patch activated, it stops me from being able to change the textures through racemenu, which means I have to choose between keeping the BILF morphs or having the ability to change the textures of certain characters/npcs. I've followed your load order to the letter, and nothing is overwriting any of the body textures/meshes in the relevant SAM mods. Is being able to change textures through racemenu just not possible through SOSAM with the bilf patch? I am able to do so if I just have SOSAM so it's not the biggest dealbreaker if its not possible, I just wanna make sure I'm doing everything correctly.
  3. Hello for some reason the texture change feature stopped working. The sliders no longer change anything. This was after tinkering a little with bodyslide but on top of the fact that they only affect meshes, not textures, I removed all of those bodyslide files and nav edit files and reinstalled the racemenu and it still doesnt work. Granted I am using SOSAM so that may be a problem, but it was working before so I'm not sure what the issue is.
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