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    Decided to have a go at creating a dragon character and so far ended up with this fiery stud🐉
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    Version 03.11.2023


    PLEASE Credit me if you use my animations for anything. I still see people using them on twitter or whatever without giving any credit, please respect my work. Thanks. Consider supporting me on Patreon, animations takes a lot of time so if you want to see more it's a great way to do so. https://www.patreon.com/khlas My mains sims aren’t for share. Don’t ask about meshes or skintones all are customized or made by myself. Don’t ask to release them. I will release or not when I feel like it. If you ask then you did not read so I will ignore your messages. You don’t even know how it is frustrating to always have those ask when it’s already been answered numerous times. Do an effort, and read. I did the effort to write all of this for you. Hello, I'm Khlas, I started animating around one year ago. I'm also the creator of the rig from WickedWhims that unlock animations for Anus, Vagina and Butt, and created the tongue prop rig. It was a collab project with Turbodriver and Noir, tho I started working on it completely alone way before and it was entirely for personal use, but I think it's better to make it profit for everyone. I also unlocked pectoral jiggles for males, more info below. Since the descriptions here was a bit old, I am going to change it from time to time. My mods consist of multiples files : - Animations, mostly focused for Males on males only. With my own sounds, sounds from the game, own effects, effects from the game, and made entirely by hand with blender and s4studio using my own workspace and rig. - I unlocked meshes for males that let their pectoral being animated. It's included on the files, meshes from others creators I converted to be able to be animated/used during animations (credit to their author) you need to select them with the body selector, and that's it. They will jiggle with animations that are compatible. It's also compatible with BS boobies jiggle mod from tonicmole. - I added some clutter and decorative items aswell. If you want them, don't hesitate to download. - I created mods available to the public from my patreon page. Check it out if you are interested by romantic animations interactions. - The "KhyanLoadingScreen.package" modify your loading screen with nude erected Khyan. This file is entirely optional. Do not delete any others files if you don't want to have the loading screen replacer. - There is a wicked gay porn video for your game you can download too, it will be under the watch porn interaction from TV or computer, then "the boy and the stallion". Installation : Unzip and install in you mods folder. How to unzip files : https://www.patreon.com/posts/how-to-use-7zip-76994195?utm_medium=clipboard_copy&utm_source=copyLink&utm_campaign=postshare_creator&utm_content=join_link if you have issues with my animations not showing up in your game, please make sure from the wickedwhims settings under Main sex settings > Dynamic Animations Disabler> Homoerotic content, that those content aren’t disabled. Maybe you mistakenly disabled it or something I don’t know, but if you unzipped my file correctly and the animations aren’t showing up, it can be the cause of your issue. You can access to the list of animations here : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vTVBPjw0Iji_yDusYLNe3sLqT4fGIuTmDDLqv27eZqKJn7M2ILzdNIhplF13IRFsg/pubhtml However the list is incomplete, for others available animations, refers to the updated download page. I will edit that page whenever I update my mods with new stuff soon. In order to display the animations properly, you need a Large penis model on your top male sim, and then using the Wickedwhims sliders (100 lenght, 60-80 girth). Happy simming.
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    Version 1.1


    Custom skin textures I created for SAM Light for personal use. It's reached a point where I feel it's ready for everyone else to use. These textures are for human races only. Each texture set is custom made and meant to be used together. Hand and feet textures include fingernails/toenails and are meant to be used with hand/feet meshes from SAM High Poly Conversion. Face textures include high quality ears and no problematic seams commonly found in the back of the head. Requirements SAM Light Diffuse Maps created from various photo references slightly saturated and mainly tailored for Nords skin tone might be off for non-Nord races includes body hair options optional tanline body available in 2k (uncompressed) Normal Maps (_msn) baked from high poly models and blended with skin pores for extra details face maps use vanilla maps as base and blended to remove neck seams available in 4k and 2k (uncompressed) Specular Maps (_s) designed specifically to highlight fine skin pores while not being overly glossy available in 4k and 2k (compresed and uncompressed variants) Subsurface Maps (_sk) effect is subtle in Oldrim but much more noticeable in SE created from diffuse maps available in 1k (compressed and uncompressed variants) Face Complexion Maps custom-made complexion maps rough maps are freckles and age maps are sharper and appear younger than vanilla certain NPC's may look different due to age complexion available in 1k uncompressed (RGB 64:64:64) Installation If using a mod manager, just follow the installer. The quality 4k options are meant for screenarchery, but they're usable for general gameplay if you have a capable system. Manual Installation 00 Diffuse textures in _bodyBase, _hands, _head folders are required choose one body texture from _bodyDefault (normal body) or _bodyTan (tanline body) folders 01 Normal textures in _hands and _head folders are required. choose between 2k body (_body2k) or 4k body (_body4k) optionally install texture in _headCustom folder for custom head texture 02 Specular Quality: pick one body texture from _body2k or _body4k folder, then install all textures in _quality2k folder Performance: install all textures in the _performance2k folder 03 Subsurface Quality: install all textures in the _quality1k folder Performance: install all textures in the _performance1k folder 04 Face Detail optional for custom face complexion maps What about SAM (full)? Due to the vast amount of normal maps used, I decided to only support SAM Light since it uses only one set of normal maps. The other maps can be used for SAM, but some editing is needed if you want the genital textures. Please do not modify and share without my permission. Credit goes to Vector for the creation of Shape Atlas for Men.
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    From the album: Men and Muscle

    Rusty discovers the fun that can be had with magic crystals. :P
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    From the album: Men and Muscle

    Argonian with a little dragon blood. Sully to his friends.
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    Gave my Redguard character a makeover, very happy with the results.
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    Version 1.0.3 - ESPFE


    Thanks to Mayu Asuka as Original Author for making this great/cute mod. Original Mod Link to Camp Buddy Followers Standalone - LE Version. Here is the Quick Converted version for SSE / AE. Fix few things broken due to conversion. Body to work with SAM Morphs and HDT Change default buddies clothes to work with SAM Morph Slider. (Kreis skimpy refit with revealing patch by Wolvyn, Credit to Both) Add weapon and armor set (No Helmet) to each buddy according to the Pictures in Original page. All buddies are waiting in their spawn cell wearing default revealing clothes for you to check them out and will change to the new given armors when you recruit them. Aiden : Orcish Sword & Armors Yoshi : Steel Mace, Shield & Steelplate Armors Goro : Ebony Warhammer & Armors Keitaro : Akaviri Katana, Blade's Shield & Armors Hiro : Glass Waraxe & Armors Taiga : Dragonbone Waraxe & DragonPlate Armors Natsumi : Stalhrim Greatsword & Light Armors Naoto : Stalhrim Greatsword & Heavy Armors For compatibility reason, All given armors are Vanilla, So if you've installed Skimpy or revealing refits, you will see them in those refits, otherwise you'll see them in regular vanilla armors Currently, I'm using AE, and have no problem recruiting any of them, eveything seems fine with no neckseam and working SAM Morphs. I'm no modder and take no credits at all. All credits go to Original Author and all mentioned in Original Mod's Page. Have fun
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    just taking a quick breather and enjoying the scenery.
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    I'm new to modding, but I'd like to introduce my lizard hunk, Darius! I'm still figuring things out but hope you enjoy!
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    Mage, thief or warrior? Bjorn thought Kaidin was kidding when he said it would only work if he got naked in the rain.
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    The god of Lgbt Want good sculpt training ? try make orc vanilla into twink orc XD.
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    Alnara, newest member of the companions. Quickly become popular among Top gaywolves because his gorgeous slender muscular body for bed fight.
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    A few of my recent screenshots that I liked. Thought I'd make my first upload with them.
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    2022 Prisoners Rag Lunar edition. Later i will load it here. Tight and hot. Suitable for party with prisoners. Hahaha
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    " Oh my pretty pretty boy i love you...." - M2M -
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    Danilo and Lucien on a playthrough
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    My beefy Orc boys Uro (left) and Orok (right).
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    My werewolf, Etain, taking a bath after a night of bloodshed🐺
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