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Point Lookout Atomic Muscle Expansion and Outfits Distribution 1.1.0

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25 Screenshots

About This File


This mod adds 47 skimpy or revealing variants of outfits from Point Lookout, only available for Atomic Muscle😉. You can also optionally inject these outfits into Commonwealth so we can see them more frequently.


Point Lookout for Atomic Muscle and its requirements. 


First, install original mod and its requirements. Then install this mod by mod manager. 

The esps in this mod are esl-flagged. 

BodySlide files are uploaded as a seperate file and only download it if you need. 


47 pieces of skimpy or revealing outfits, only available for male characters (They will stay the same as their corresponding original ones for female characters). Besides, I also added them alongside their original ones into Chem Station crafting lists. A list of all the outfits is in spoiler. 


Brahmin-Skin Pants
Chinese Stealth Armor Frame Erect
Chinese Stealth Armor Frame Flaccid
Chinese Stealth Armor No Helmet
Dirty Pre-War Businesswear Pants
Dirty Pre-War Parkstroller Pants
Dirty Pre-War Spring Outfit Pants
Grifter's Fit Erect
Grifter's Fit Flaccid
Grifter's Fit Pants
Grifter's Fit Skimpy
Grimy Pre-War Businesswear Pants
Handyman Jumpsuit Skimpy
Leather Armor Erect
Leather Armor Flaccid
Leather Armor Pants
Leather Armor Skimpy
Light Leather Armor Erect
Light Leather Armor Flaccid
Light Leather Armor Pants
Light Leather Armor Skimpy
Merc Adventurer No Sleeves
Merc Charmer Pants
Merc Cruiser Erect
Merc Cruiser Flaccid
Merc Cruiser Skimpy
Merc Grunt Pants
Merc Troublemaker Flaccid
Merc Troublemaker Skimpy
Merc Veteran Erect
Merc Veteran Flaccid
Merc Veteran Skimpy
Metal Armor Skimpy
Radiation Suit Clear Vision
Radiation Suit Clear Vision Skimpy
Red Racer Jumpsuit Skimpy
RobCo Jumpsuit Skimpy
Roving Trader Pants
Tribal Garb Erect
Tribal Garb Flaccid
Tribal Garb Skimpy
Wasteland Settler Outfit Erect
Wasteland Settler Outfit Flaccid
Wasteland Settler Outfit Skimpy
Wasteland Wanderer Outfit Erect
Wasteland Wanderer Outfit Flaccid
Wasteland Wanderer Outfit Skimpy

Leveled List Injection: Optional in FOMOD installation. Requires my Leveled List Injection Core File (Hard Requirement) for script file and my Outfit Leveled Lists Expansion Framework (Hard Requirement) for new leveled lists. Adds skingen or bodygen support to all the human and ghoul male NPCs in Point Lookout. They are injected into leveled lists of Vendors, Containers, Loots, Settlers, Minuteman, Raiders, The Forged, Caravan, Wastelanders and Triggerman. They are sorted for each faction so basically this injection will not break lore friendly immersion. Besides, I didn't change the stats of these clothings, so I have set the minimum spawning levels for raiders and the Forged at level 20 since they are quite over powerful (Be prepared). Detailed leveled list injection is in spoiler: 


All the items: Settler, Vendor, Loot, Container

Merc: Minutemen

Leather & Tribal: Raider, The Forged (Around level 30)

Metal & Chinese Stealth Suit: Raider Boss, The Forged (Around level 20)

Formal Suit: Resident, Triggerman

Wasteland, Gifter, Roving Trader, Tribal: Wastelander, Scavenger & Caravan

Jumpsuit, Radiation Suit: Wastelander, Scavenger

Get in Game

  1. Chem Station under "(Atomic Muscle) Point Lookout". 
  2. Console command "Help Point 4 FLST". Then there will be 2 FormID lists to add all the original version or skimpy/revealing version of items into your inventory. 


  1. Some outfits could have clippings. But generally should be fine. I will refine those details in future I guess. 


  1. TheCapitalWastelandProject for Point Lookout
  2. @ Ulfbertofor Atomic Muscle which I never could lose my passion for
  3. Folks in Bearhood of Steel for helping
  4. Bodyslide, Outfit Studio and Material Editor by ousnius
  5. Blender and PyNifly Blender Export-Import Add-On by BadPup
  6. FO4Edit by ElminsterAU
  7. DankRafft for Leveled List Injection guidance and script file reference

Mods used in screenshots

  1. Male Curie by me
  2. Male Cait by me
  3. Reactor ENB by Sevenence
  4. Sporty Sweat Overlay for Atomic Muscle by me
  5. Screen Archer Menu by maximusmaxy

What's New in Version 1.1.0   See changelog


  • Renamed "Merc Adventurer Pants" to "Merc Adventurer No Sleeves". 
  • Added 4 new outfits variants of Light Leather Armor. 
  • Added new outfits into leveled list injection as well, safe to update mid-playthrough. 
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