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More Different Male Face + All Male Takeover 1.0.6

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19 Screenshots

About This File

Now we have All in one !

!!!Warning: I do not speak English, so I hope you can read the following!!!



Warning: Do not upload this work to 3DM or 9DM without my permission, this is a pure gay mod, uploading it there will only make you humiliate yourself.


BOS,settler,Good neighbors,Diamond City. raiders,gunner ,Scavenger,Bunker Hill, Vault 81, Diamond City, Far Harbor(Far Harbor settler,all unnamed female),Nuka World all females changed to males,The standalone version needs NewGunnerFace, because they share the head part, AIO version does not need anything)1.0.4contains everything,you just only need AIO version

1, I made a lot of distinctive faces for all the factions in the game (no MM and RR).
2, All NPCs have been tested rigorously to make sure there will not be any problems.

CW Male settlers:100 new face(Block all female, leaving only 4 to work) 

FH Male settlers:70 new face(Block all female, leaving only 4 to work,and All generic names female,fisherwomen, All female who can almost replace converted to male) 

The Pack:50 new face(Some female are included because I find them Very cool, if you don't like them, please disable the female in your outpost)

The Operators:50 new face(Some female are included because I find them Very cool, if you don't like them, please disable the female in your outpost)There is a mistake in the description of the picture below, I wrote Disciples

Raiders:140 new face(and All generic names female converted to male,Vanilla female raiders replaced with men)

Gunner:100 new face(Vanilla female gunner replaced with men)

Bos:60 new face(and All generic names BOS female converted to male,Caravan Guard change to male )

Trapper:80 new face

Triggermen:30 new face(They are not common, so don't want to add too much new face)




There is one thing I must clarify, BODYGEN's ini configuration file, part of the spelling is muscular, part of the spelling is muscluar, I explain how it is.
English is not my native language, that is just my spelling mistake a year ago, so I simply in the BODYGEN template file, the corresponding name changed to the same misspelling as this, so the misspelling does not mean that the mod has a mistake, because it corresponds to the name of the template data file is also this misspelling, this is my deliberate mistake on the wrong just (the same name will not be wrong, spell It's just a recognition marker).
You can check your f4ee file, there is no error message


All male leveled list has been incorporated into all mod.

All new face,All Bodygen overlays have been made.

70% of the men have new hairstyles, new beards.

A small number of men's face data from other MOD, thanks to the author's selfless dedication

1, Mom will no longer worry that I can't find a new man (LOL).
2, After installation, you can see a lot of new face men and will not see any female enemies.
3, All generic names of Scavenger female,BOS female, Raider female, Gunner female, Far Harbor generic name female, Diamond City female, Good Neighbor female, Nuka World female, Captive, now is all replaced with male.

In other words, you not only can see more different men, but also can say goodbye to all women forever!
(Note: I kept 4 Commonwealth female settlers and 5 Far Harbor female settlers because I think that women should go to work, to caravan, to guard, to take care of Brahmins, and men should enjoy life and loiter)

(I didn't make a new face for Disciples because I couldn't see their damn faces at all)

I know some people are asking if NPCs will have facial distortion bugs, and I want to say that absolutely not, every female to male NPC, facegen I have redone, facial data will not have any problems, and I will not tolerate similar problems.
So, rest assured that no female to male NPC has facial bugs, and you will even see many new faces, which I hope you enjoy.





Special Thanks.

thanks Ulfberto Help me translate into English, because I use Chinese and my English is terrible.

Thanks g12 for the great work, so these men don't have to worry about not having clothes to wear.




Atomic muscle and all its requirements:


Important note:

Please put MOSTLY MALE.esp at the bottom of the list on the right side of MO2




Strongly recommended.

g12's beautiful clothing:






What's New in Version 1.0.6   See changelog



Added workshop scripts for the following NPCs.
1, old man Stockton added workshop script
2, 4 Bunker Hill trader workers
3,The caretaker from the railroad
4, Bill Sutton (removed the hostile faction)
5, Cedric Hopton (removed from the hostile faction)
6,Merchants Leonard Moore
Added protected properties for them, they can only be killed by you, while now they can become a real settlers
You can do that for old man Stockton and 4 Bunker Hill trader workers.
1, enter workshop mode, click on them, click R, move, finish.
It is not recommended to move the old man Stockton, 4 Bunker Hill trader workers to any place other than Bunker Hill.
2, For Bill Sutton you can do this: after you take over Warwick homestead, he will disappear, you can do this.
prid 00019016
moveto player

3,For Caretaker ,you can do this :

prid when you finished Mercer Safehouse quest,enter workshop mode, click on Caretaker, click R, move, finish.

4,For merchants Leonard Moore ,you can do this (I want to find a home for him):

prid 001E8113

moveto player

enter workshop mode, click on him, click R, move, finish.

You can assign him to help you sell garbage



Greentop Nursery, Nordhagen Beach, Oberland station, Tenpines Bluff, all female converted to male, BODYGEN has been covered (by the way, Tenpines Bluff conversion NPC in your first quest of MM, will be lost voice, this is because the lack of male voice version of this quest dialogue, which will not affect your game process).


1,Spent a whole day redesigning the face stats of every female to male NPC and now they are better looking and more distinctive (including power armor NPCs changed too).Please refer to the picture

2,The standalone version is no longer supported, as AIO is already perfect.

3,Install the mod directly, then replace the old version to complete the upgrade.

4,please wait for ulfberto's Atomic Muscle update to thoroughly support my mod. I have given him the female to male BODYGEN data, waiting for him to update the atomic muscles, then you can have all the female to male BODYGEN.
Because Atomic Muscle is Ulfberto's work, I can't just modify someone else's work and make it public.


Fix all in one version bodygen folder naming error, too many things, forgot to change, sorry, please install and replace directly


1,Newly launched all-in-one

2,If you want, just install ALL IN ONE and you're done!Contains all new faces, all new hairstyles, new beards, new factions, new men, all females to males, all in AIO

3,If you want to install AIO, you can just delete the previous mod and install AIO, I didn't change any FORM ID, so it's completely safe to delete.


PLS delete your "Newhair.esp "!No longer needed at 1.0.1!!

1,Fixed the strange master file needed for two mods (it was too cold, my hand shook a bit, so I got it wrong)

2,Vault 81, good neighbors, all females changed to males

3,Removed newhair.esp as a predecessor file and incorporated it into the mod as a head part.

4,Bunker Hill, caravan merchants, all the magnetism of Diamond City, all converted to males.

5,I am very sorry,that I tried various methods and could not convert these mods to ESL because these mods have a large number of data entries. Even the ESL tagged ESPs cannot be converted.
I would be happy to next fuse these mods into a whole for those who need it.

Update method.
Just install and replace directly, remember to delete newhair.esp

It is completely safe to update MOD and delete newhair in the game, because there is no script.

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