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Elden Beef - Male Body Replacer for Elden Ring 1.0.2

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About This File

asasasasasbc - for FLVER EDITOR
The12thAvenger - for FBXImporter
TKGP - for UXM Selective Unpacker
daemon1 - for Bloodborne Tools
vawser - for Yapped
JKAnderson - for Yabber

Just a simple body replacer which makes your character look like a living bara character in the land in betweens. Now you can finally have a body worth of the title of Elden Lord!
- The body can be accessed in the character editor by setting your character age to Mature and then going to Detailed Appearance > Alter Base > 3rd Option (which can be called muscular or a weird code name). This way it doesnt affect npcs and can only be accessed by the player character



- I didn't add support for every outfit sadly, just the ones i use personally use but i may add more in the future. The following supported armors are:
       + Duelist Greaves (the boots were replaced with Elden Lord Boots)
       + Gravekeeper Cloak
       + Bandit Machetes
       + Godskin Bracelets
       + Maiden hood (modified to cut the hood off so only the headband is left)
       + Blaid Armor (Just the cape)

- Unfortunately i couldn't find a way to make the body work with the ingame skin tone slider. In this case you would have to match your character face skin with the body skin tone you install. I provided different skin tones in the mod package you can choose from, which are the following:
      + Tone 1



      + Tone 2



      + Tone 3




      + Tone 4



      + Tone 5



      + Tone 6



      + Tone 7



      + Tone 8



If you are good with textures and are interested in contributing with more skin tones, please let me know in the discord server!

- There's another issue with the body where your body would be totally covered in green or red mud if you build up stuff like poison or scarlet rott

- You can also notice some seams on the neck, which is less noticeable with most hairstyles


1. Download mod engine 2 from here: https://github.com/soulsmods/ModEngine2/releases

2. Extract all the files from mod engine to game root folder where the executable is

3. Open up the config_eldenring.toml with a text editor

4. in the text folder, go to this line

and change it to look like this


5. Create a folder in your Elden ring folder called mods or rename the mod folder that came with mod engine 2 to mods 

then create a folder in mods folder called Elden Beef

6. Download Elden Beef mod package and extract it somewhere. Open the folder extracted and do the following:
     + Go to 00 Main folder and copy the parts folder + the regulation.bin and paste inside of mods/Elden Beef folder we created earlier
     + Go to 10 Skin_Tones and pick one Skin tone of your choice (References above). After picking your tone, copy the parts folder as well to mods/Elden Beef

 7. With all of that you should be able to start Elden Ring by using mod engine 2 Launcher which is the modengine2_launcher.exe

(Just a reminder to never use mods online!!!)



Please, for support hop on my discord server and ping me in the #Other-games forum channel inside o Elden Ring category.

What's New in Version 1.0.2   See changelog


- Updated to work with game V1.07
- Reshape the thighs a bit with more details
- Fixed issue with Tone 7 installing the wrong .flver file

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The legs are too developed. Would you like to reduce the version with developed legs in the future?

Response from the author:

no plans, i'm a big legs enthusiast 

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