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BDOR Complete Collection by Kirax 1.0.0

   (7 reviews)

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User Feedback

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Lily Magick

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

These are so beautiful but when equipping some of these armors I get consistent crashing and the plugin always shows up on my crash log. I checked the dependencies just in case and there are no conflicts so I’m at a loss. Thank you for putting all the work into this anyway. These are my favorite armors.

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

I couldn't even begin to imagine how hard some of these must've been. Thank you for your time and effort!

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· Edited by nuntilappa

   26 of 28 members found this review helpful 26 / 28 members


Honestly , idk wtf is wrong with this author . 

Seriously I have read countless replies from users who are asking question in a very polite manner .

When you could have replied with a simple " NO "  ,  all  of them end up getting slammed by a moronic reply. 

Including Savrenx , who is basically the Beacon of our community . He reported several bugs / glitches ,  just to end up getting a really rude answer of dismissal . 


When you did such a good job , people are obviously going to ask .

If they are asking , it doesn't mean they are feeling entitled to anything . Instead of a simple " NO " , it usually follows with a 3 verses of " MAKE IT YOURSELF " and tantrum .

I have seen this dude melting down on so many people it is not funny , its on loverslab , on patreon , on everywhere he was on basically .  There is a whole list of people who got verbally abused by him on reddit , dedicated to just mocking him .

Yea I get it , people who made male content can sometimes get mocked at¬†¬†. While I feel sorry if you were mistreated by anyone , but¬†You know how powerful word can hurt¬†yet you choose to impose the same pain onto others , that is unforgivable¬†ūü§¨¬†


So , someone has been telling me how great these looks in game but they couldn't do it right .  Out of curiosity I downloaded it . In just 30 minutes I have already found a few nifs with errors vertices and wrong path as well . Again I am not even going to be bothered to report it  , uninstalled it right away . 

 I took the files directly from TAL , refitted it myself . Feels very good . It took times yes but at least I don''t have to get pizzzed on just to report an error . 


The effort is there but the attitude is just disgusting 

What is the point of making all these great armors , packing all the big potentials and talent but acting like a completely total dbag to everyone ? 

Personally IDC if someone is having a mental break IRL , nobody deserve to get yelled at for just reporting bugs .

I am just glad I actually have learnt to refit things by myself . As for the rest of you , just subscribe to Savrenx's patreon as he does a FAR superior job refitting some of the bdor armors . And most importantly , he is an much nicer person . 


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   4 of 7 members found this review helpful 4 / 7 members

hi, i was really looking forward for this mod couse it looks amazing but for some reason i have not been able to use it, im using skyrim LE, i downloaded the files and just dragged them to my data folder as one would normally do with manual downloads, but when in game, once i go to additemmenu and look for the mod, everysingle item has a red triangle with an exclamation mark in it, have no idea what im doing wrong, is this only for SE? i could use some help here, thanks.

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   0 of 6 members found this review helpful 0 / 6 members

Dont support a modder who has two separate patreon accounts thats just very greedy. also they're are far better versions without the implied LGBTQ shit that this armor has. Im not gay man and I dont need my armor especially from BDO to be skimpfied for every lgbtq fantasy shit.. Im aright with girl on girl since. There are reasons why I hate SAM light but also there are some reason why I like. and Badass is one of them... but every fucking Sam armor is almost heavily used for lgbtq shit.

Response from the author:

Hi samul. I would suggest you to transition into a women if 'lgbt fantasies' makes you angry but you're fine with 'girl on girl stuff'. 

Because everytime you take your clothes off you become a lgbt fantasy.

You also might have a problem with schizophrenia since you said you're not ok with lgbt bullshit but you signed up on a website where 99% of the content is either nude men or men having sex with other men or male animals fucking male animals.

I would suggest seeking immediate help from a psychiatrist. There's really no better way I can help you.

Thoughts and prayers to you.


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Great  not the same stuff you find on the Nexus..


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Works for me. Thank you. Using Faster HDT. Weapons and metal are very shiny, colors and textures are great. Using NAT and PRT. 

Some of the SAM addon are revealing by HDT, which seems less intentional and more incidental. 

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