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- Updated the reference to support tattoos with skin tint rendering

Message added by Ulfberto

SavrenX Cowboy Lux for Atomic Muscle




(AM) Cowboy Lux v1.2.0.7z


SavrenX aka @Don for the original mod -> model/textures


🌑 Craftable in ChemLab under the (Atomic Muscle) Cowboy Lux category
🌑  Modifiable in Armor Workench so you can get many variants (See screenshots for reference) + Ballistic Weaves to improve the survival and gear score. You can modify the outfit, Scarf & Poncho.
🌑  Material Swaps available in the armor workbench for many different retextures of the set.



🌑 Atomic Muscle and Its Requirements 



🌑 Original Cowboy Lux mod installed: https://savrenx.blogspot.com/2018/08/cowboy-lux.html




Just install with your mod manager like any other regular mod. You want to make this file load after the Original Cowboy Lux mod like this:

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